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Types of false ceiling | False ceiling contractor

False ceiling design in bhairahawa

Types of false ceiling

A false ceiling is a ceiling made a little lower than the main ceiling of the room or building. In order words, it is the
second layer of the roof suspended from the main roof with the help of a metal frame. It is also
known as dropped ceiling. False has multiple advantages. IT improves the aesthetics of the room. A false
ceiling is provided to keep the room clean and can be given proper lighting cove and spotlight are some regular lights that are used. It is also provided to
conceal the ugly mesh of electrical wires, light fixtures, air conditioning ducts, and other fixtures. The
false ceiling is fixed at a minimum distance of 6-9 inches from the main ceiling. A false ceiling is generally made from gypsum and mesh of plaster of pairs but here in Nepal gypsum boards are widely used as false ceilings. The choice of materials depends upon the use and design of
the false ceiling. Different materials have their own advantage and disadvantages with the fact gypsum are cheaper advantage whereas POP and wooden ceilings are for higher-end looks.

Contemprorary style false ceiling:-

contemprorary design is all about the now and the future. With
straight lines as well as vertical lines. It is widely used in todays modern interiors style.

Contemproary false ceiling

Modern false ceiling :-

Modern design is a board design term that typically refers to a home with clean
, crisp, lines, and the use of materials that can include metal,glass,and steel.

Modern false ceiling design by bluefrog

Neo Classic false ceiling:-

The basic feature of the style is the observance of classical proportions. If the
room is spacious with high ceilings, the best choice it is a neoclassical style.

Wooden false ceiling:-

Wooden false ceilings are suitable for cold climates.The air cavity behind the
false ceiling provides goods sound insulation.

Wooden False ceiling

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