Types of False Ceiling Design | Contractor


A False Ceiling is generally made from gypsum and mesh of plaster of pairs but here in Nepal gypsum boards are widely used as false ceilings. The choice of materials depends upon the use and design of the false ceiling. Different materials have their own advantage and disadvantages with the fact gypsum are cheaper advantage whereas POP and wooden ceilings are for higher-end looks.

1. Contemporary Style False Ceiling: Contemporary design is all about the now and the future. With straight lines as well as vertical lines. It is widely used in today’s modern interior style.

Contemproary false ceiling
Modern false ceiling design by bluefrog

3. Neo Classic False Ceiling: The basic feature of the style is the observance of classical proportions. If the room is spacious with high ceilings, the best choice it is a neoclassical style.

neo classic false ceiling in nepal

4. Wooden False Ceiling: Wooden false ceilings are suitable for cold climates.The air cavity behind the false ceiling provides goods sound insulation.

Wooden False ceiling